Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Sales!!! unbelievable how happy can a women be in front of a room full of different clothes, colors, sizes and prices with big red tag announcing the % of discount...

I'm one of them!! =) Today I went, almost running, to the nearest shopping mall to look for some "bargain".
After lines and lines for pay...suddendly I discover the amazing sweater I would buy WAS NOT FOR SALE!!!

Friday, November 26, 2010

Best add ever


During this entery week in my work, all women talk about this add! it’s so joyful and sweety…it’s the new marketing instead of 360º it’s 37º2 because it’s the human body temperature! Nowadays we participate in the marketing of the brand like in facebook and other digital media. I love Calzedonia! It’s getting a HUGE heritage sense! “ I hope it’s a girl”

My gosh! It´s TOP!!!! I know it’s not new but we are seeing in Portugal now:



P.s- A little disappointed since I get no time to see Lanvin for HM alive…!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Ultimate Passion!!

Teamo TEE!!!

(Christmas Wishlist)

Friday, October 29, 2010

Finally the chosen Oxford!!!

I’m so proud of my choice! I was so confused I went do Zara twice to try the 2 oxford I love( the light grey and the brown ones) and then I saw these ones with heels!! Perfect for a day of work, a walk or even for a little cocktail evening!!


I hope you like my new TREMP!



Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Bling Bling

Day after day we can find luxury products available at internet over a click distance. Even the most expensive and sophisticated articles can be purchase with the security and detail that they deserve.

I found out a new website where we can customize your own diamond ring! It’s so simple and quick: just pick shape/color/size/quality/cut/clarity. Abazias will ship your ring with a certificate of the specificities of the diamond you had chosen and give you the possibility to analyze it in 10 days.

Abazias has a range of presents for both men and women. We can find the perfect match for each person and suitable for each wallet. Or even buy loose diamonds for a creative propose like decorating something or just for the pleasure to have sparklingly and glowing diamonds!

If you live in EUA you can actually subscribe newsletter with all news products information, discounts and contests and pray to be lucky enough to win the most beautiful Princess cut diamond Ring I have seen. The winner will be announced at April 2011.

We can discover also some watches from different kinds of brands like Paris Hilton, Phillip Stark and also Cartier. Abazias has plenty discounts and deals of the day so CHECK IT OUT!

I realized why everybody is so fascinated with diamonds.

Watches, rings, earrings, collar with the sophistication of a diamond can be used with all styles and ages! It´s reminds me some Icons:

Marilyn Monroe : “Diamonds are the girl’s best friends”


Audrey Hepburn “Elegance is an attitude”



They are fashion, they are confortable, trendy and really wearable! But why it’s so difficult do find the right ones?

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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Lanvin for HM


Only 20 days left to have some LANVIN piece of clothe!! I can’t wait to see the “happy collection for happy people” how Alber Elbaz said on one of the videos!"

So Knowing that H&M produces enormous amounts of pieces of art that symbolize the portfolios of the designers I am wondering witch kind of pieces would we be surprised with. Not a little pick? Before the launch in the H&M Site over 2th November? Grr..

We have only some clues… (ribbons, laces, colors and the french sophistication)


Thursday, October 7, 2010

Special Jimmy Choo Ugg Boots!

Sorry my absence but I was so concentrated in my own swimwear project that I completely lost time for writing.

But I keep really keen on fashion and news so I couldn’t share with you all my new wish list item!

For those Who said that Ugg are not fashion anymore this is the actual proof that convince us the opposite. I won’t fell guilty next time I wear mines.


Here is Amber Valleta with the most expensive pair of Jimmy Choo Ugg. And I personally believe that this photo show us the real essence of UGG: relaxed, confortable, warm and now FASHION and LIMITED!

The only bad news it the price that starts in 495 until 795$




To see more information tap here

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Choising the perfect 2.55

Yes! Finally I received the so expected CHANEL bag!! I can´t believe! I am so happy about it!
Unfortunately I had to change the model size since and I was thinking in other one...

And I discovered some tips I want share with you all!
First of all there are a huge amount of 2.55!! The leather type, the colour and the size are some distinguish carateristics!
There are 5 sizes and I have the third and the leather is softer or harder depends on the taste (the softer one wouldn´t be so damaged) and this leather has the interior in burgundy! So special. The package is so sofisticated, now I use the white camellia in my car with sprayed perfume Coco Mademoiselle. Fancy!

I couldn´t be more satisfied!! I can´t leave my new bag!!!

Here is the picture! Later I will post my new look with my brand new BAG!!

Thursday, June 24, 2010


Hello all!! And sorry for the absence...but since it's my first time with my own brand it's really hard to deal with all stuff and moreover working full time on the same time!
Proudly I announce that BEACHY will have the launch Party this saturday over Lisbon Sheraton Spa.
It will be an opening day with possibility to use the pool, try yoga classes, and lots of other suprises!
Confirm your presence rsvp :

Dress code: casual/"beachy" outfit

Saturday, May 29, 2010



Long time no see and really miss my shelter but this pass 2 weeks I was working in my first collection!A swimwear collection called Beachy. Proudly made in Portugal!

you can check in out on:



Tuesday, May 18, 2010

ATELIER Boüret By Vanessa Datorre

An ex-collegue that I really respect and like, Vanessa, had open her first store in Spain: Atelier Bouret.
A luxury but also afordable brand with the label: made in Spain. It an atelier where costumer can have acess to exclusive made to measure design, personal shopper services and also the show room of collection Bouret.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

All starts innovates with Pop Art

Pop art is everywhere at Pepe Jeans Andy Warhol, at our homes, at fancy museums…and now even at our most wearable snickers All start!


andy-warhol-marilyn-monroe-1967-hot-pink pepe andy5858601_YwZhv

Thursday, May 6, 2010


It’s time to say :Please Topshop make it possible to buy online for Portugal or better open a store here next to the million Portuguese fans!!


The first make up collection of Top Shop.

With great prices (average under 10 libras)!! I really want to try it on! specially the nail polish with the dots case!! Sweet!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The survival guide!

Hello all, today I stayed at home all day long with stomachache trying to search some news about fashion and surfing online to skip time…

Suddenly I decided to dig out the closets and I found my new best friend.

Fashion Designer Survival Guide of Mary Gehlhar.

I just read some (lot’s) of pages and I thought something like that: Hell No! I should had thought about this SONNER!! And so on…

It was disastrously funny but constructive.

I am trying to build up a project but I am starting to understand that in Portugal things don’t happen like in other countries. I it give more and more excitement to keep going and try to change something.

So today I don’t give you guys news but I truthfully recommend this amazing  (book. Too pity we don’t have a CFDA, too pity our fashion prices are so few… (in Portugal)



Sunday, May 2, 2010


H&M is doing such a good work! It’s so hard to believe that such good quality and great designs costs so less!!!!

And also has a charity conscious and gives 25% of the profits to help.

This statement of fast fashion at good prices and also with ethical thinking behind make me assume that I am a frequent costumer!

The other weekend I went to the store asking about these items and they didn’t knew the date of launch but it’s 20th May! I am counting!

Here are some photos of the look guide and also of the campaign.


So ethnic!! Oh!! I want!!!

















This headphones are one of my favorite pieces!! I noticed these are really in nowadays and I went crazy to find one that I like and now I can’t choose! 











Saturday, May 1, 2010

Tom Ford

I fantasize about the fashion world that surrounds Tom Ford: the movie, the glasses, his career at Gucci and the turnover of the brand. Simply perfect. And now it’s time to launch another big hit: lipstick with the initials TF (basically my own initials…ehehe…kidding) in a perfect minimal case.

It’s a venture with Estee Lauder and the collection name is Private Blend Lip and will be available in June in a range of 12 classic colors! The formula contains moisturizing murumuru butter and soja seed actually it’s a really desirable luxury and worth around 45$.



Friday, April 30, 2010

Lisbon full of great weekend options!

It´s really hard to choose a program for this weekend since that are so much different and  great options.

For the night- it will take place on Lollipop the Swatch Party for Swatch Color Codes (with presents for the club members and for those who couldn't resist to one of the colorful watches!

For shopping- start´s today the Stockmarket in Centro de Congressos de Lisboa until 2 May with great brands up to 80% discount (Dolce & Gabanna, Gucci, Prada, Chloé, Jimmy Choo, YSL, Costume National, Giorgio Armani, Cavalli, Dries Van Noten, Gautier, Diane VFurstenberg, Geral Darel, Longchamp, Henry Cotton's, Dunhill, Donna Karen, Fred Perry, Good Vibes...) with the vibe of Djs da Match Your Sound and some free massages and astrology workshops and 6 workshops to learn how to make cocktails.This initiative will be present also in Porto (7-9 May) with some other attractions like free hairstyle and esthetical.

Tomorrow, 30 April Zilian has a special program for mums and kids. A loving time full of surprises for the kids and mums and the presentation of the snickers Zilian for all ages. "When I grow up I wanna be like my mum"

For some chill out- Sunday 1th May starts the out jazz sessions in 5 different gardens in Lisbon all Sundays at 17h00 until 26 September. Also free.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Jil Sanders get a new line: Navy

Following the other big names, it's time for Jil Sanders do have his own line with lower prices (average 40% less). The collection is more sportive with jeans, coats, shoes, bags, tricots, and so on.
Raf Simons, the stylish told WWD that Jill Sanders is going to be even more developed soon.



Sunday, April 25, 2010

Lux Party Changing day for night

Nest Tuesday will take place a party with 10 different artists and some Dj’s in the best disco in Lisbon Lux!  I received the invitation and was really weird: a closed book that was made to untie and only after that was possible to read the message.

Just looking for the original invitation the party will rule!


lux 001lux 004

Friday, April 16, 2010

Sweet Art- Cake Design

  For a fashion birthday a fashion solution!! Sweet art is an Australian company that produces artistic cakes: louis vuitton bag replicas, vogue magazines, and stiletto shoes!! Thanks for the Tip Muffy! A big Kiss***