Friday, October 29, 2010

Finally the chosen Oxford!!!

I’m so proud of my choice! I was so confused I went do Zara twice to try the 2 oxford I love( the light grey and the brown ones) and then I saw these ones with heels!! Perfect for a day of work, a walk or even for a little cocktail evening!!


I hope you like my new TREMP!



Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Bling Bling

Day after day we can find luxury products available at internet over a click distance. Even the most expensive and sophisticated articles can be purchase with the security and detail that they deserve.

I found out a new website where we can customize your own diamond ring! It’s so simple and quick: just pick shape/color/size/quality/cut/clarity. Abazias will ship your ring with a certificate of the specificities of the diamond you had chosen and give you the possibility to analyze it in 10 days.

Abazias has a range of presents for both men and women. We can find the perfect match for each person and suitable for each wallet. Or even buy loose diamonds for a creative propose like decorating something or just for the pleasure to have sparklingly and glowing diamonds!

If you live in EUA you can actually subscribe newsletter with all news products information, discounts and contests and pray to be lucky enough to win the most beautiful Princess cut diamond Ring I have seen. The winner will be announced at April 2011.

We can discover also some watches from different kinds of brands like Paris Hilton, Phillip Stark and also Cartier. Abazias has plenty discounts and deals of the day so CHECK IT OUT!

I realized why everybody is so fascinated with diamonds.

Watches, rings, earrings, collar with the sophistication of a diamond can be used with all styles and ages! It´s reminds me some Icons:

Marilyn Monroe : “Diamonds are the girl’s best friends”


Audrey Hepburn “Elegance is an attitude”



They are fashion, they are confortable, trendy and really wearable! But why it’s so difficult do find the right ones?

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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Lanvin for HM


Only 20 days left to have some LANVIN piece of clothe!! I can’t wait to see the “happy collection for happy people” how Alber Elbaz said on one of the videos!"

So Knowing that H&M produces enormous amounts of pieces of art that symbolize the portfolios of the designers I am wondering witch kind of pieces would we be surprised with. Not a little pick? Before the launch in the H&M Site over 2th November? Grr..

We have only some clues… (ribbons, laces, colors and the french sophistication)


Thursday, October 7, 2010

Special Jimmy Choo Ugg Boots!

Sorry my absence but I was so concentrated in my own swimwear project that I completely lost time for writing.

But I keep really keen on fashion and news so I couldn’t share with you all my new wish list item!

For those Who said that Ugg are not fashion anymore this is the actual proof that convince us the opposite. I won’t fell guilty next time I wear mines.


Here is Amber Valleta with the most expensive pair of Jimmy Choo Ugg. And I personally believe that this photo show us the real essence of UGG: relaxed, confortable, warm and now FASHION and LIMITED!

The only bad news it the price that starts in 495 until 795$




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