Thursday, December 31, 2009

BYE 2009!!!

I wish you all the best NEW YEAR'S EVE EVER!!!
The last 2009 look...I hope you like!

Little bag Louis Vuitton, Fake fur coat, Top and shorts Zara, hair band B-Design

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Danny Roberts! Fashion Illustrator!

Danny is from California and he's is 23. I am crazy about his work and I can't wait to receive his T-shirt with his signature called TEE!
Check it out

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas Gifts

The Christmas has always a special magic! The family reunions, the tradicion, the emotions and also the presents!
I decided to post here 2 presents I received that I am completely in love!
One of them is a ear muff from BURBERRY that is the cutest and warm thing! and the other it's very practical: a stocking bag Teresa Alecrim (portuguese embroidery brand) to put my precious dots socks from Blanco!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Happy XMAS

I Wish you all the most fashionable Xmas Ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Falling in love Zara!

This a little shooting with the most fashion items from Zara!
These shorts can be used with all different styles!
Can be used with a black knit sweat, or with a Tshirt with a shirt above for a most relaxed look or event with the must have of the season a grey sweater!!!

Socks H&M and Boots Zara!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Belen Bajo

Belen, spanish Designer jewellery has an amazing collection for this fall and it's a very good suggestion for a Christmas gift!
Here are my favourites! I hope you like!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Kira Plastinina because creativity has no age

Have you ever heard about Kira Plastinina?!!
This young russian designer (only 15 years old) has her own clothes collection and her perfume!
Her father was the Ceo of a produce company in russian and retired  to help her pursuing her dream in fashion!
Nowadays Kira has open stores around europe and in united states.
She even got the Paris Hilton presence on one of her runways shows over Moscow Fashion Week and some celebries had wear her outfits!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Vogue Paris Edition December/January Calendar

This is the best Vogue Paris EVER!!The edition December/January brings a calendar by the photographer Mario Sorrenti and producer Emannuelle Alt! The models are: Natasha Poly, Raquel Zimmermann and on the cover Iselin Steiro! Look at the pictures! Amazing...sorry about the quality! Just to take a look!


Friday, December 11, 2009

Sisley Preview Winter 2010

I went to se the Sisley Show Room at Oporto to see the next collection winter 2010. Every buyers of each Sisley franchiser where to the presentation of the preview (60% of the total collection) A model was there too to try it on the outfits by themes and colours for us to get the feeling of the cloth dress on. Sometimes I fell surprised when I see some Knitwear of denim in the perks and personally I don’t like and suddenly the piece has something really great about it! Here are some photos of the clothes, but the best way is to see it in stores! This is just an appointment to make you all feel curious about it! The Sisley trends are: pants with volume, special details, different colours for the basics like pink fuchsia (really trendy colour), a group of denim pieces that is very hot, a very diverse and unique offer of coats and the introduction of underwear in just a few references but with the sense of style Sisley! Hope you like it! Stay up to date on If you have any suggestion please send me an email for


Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Barbie 50th anniversary Pink Party at Twins Lisbon Portugal

This party will take place at Twins at 18th December! Among all the distractions and pink surprises two dj's are already confirmed: DJ Natalian Barbin (from Oslo) and Saxophonist Anna Kei (Paris) After the numerous anniversary parties around the world for the more famous doll in earth it's time to do it in Portugal! Happily I will attend and I promise I will post lots of photos!

CASTILHO Fashion Street, Lisbon Portugal

Castilho Fashion Street is a project with the objective to improve the street sales of the most prestigious stores: CBG Maxazria, Coccinelle, Edifício Castil, Escada Sport, Gerard Darel, Hoss Intropia, Hotel Altis, Karen Millen, Labrador, La Perla, Loja das Meias, Max&Co, Maxmara, Óptica Castilho, Scorza, Stivali, Weill, Via Castilho, Veste Couture and Emparque.
Inspiring fashion, luxury and good taste, this initiative has also a social and cultural goal.
In 12th December Cotta Club Jazz Band are going to play in the street and the stores will offer a special "Christmas cocktail" with the traditional cake called "Bolo Rei", chocolates, champagne, alive music, discounts and some other surprises.
Part of the sales revenues revert for a portuguese association "Ajuda de Berço" that adopts children until 3 years old.
See it more at:

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Passion for Fashion & Fine Textiles BY Kerry Taylor Auction

Today's started a very interesting auction on Kerry Tailor Auction!!
For who doesn't know yet, Kerry Tailor is specialist in antiques and vintage clothes and accessories.

I love some current items like the mythic Chanel bag 2.55 in lime green starting in 400 libras!

Check it on :

Monday, December 7, 2009

Orchestra Michigan - only with IPHONES!!

This is the first orchestra with iphone applications!
The concert will take place in the next wednesday with the 20 students of the Michigan University playing iphone. This bizarre idea is called " Michigan Mobile Phone Ensemble Orchestra" and it is a venture of classic music and the sharpen tecnology!
Stay tuned for the first concert 9th December and at the link:

Open only when heels are killing you!!

I am thinking about presents to ask Santa and I still need some time for my whishlist!
Until then here is a very good item for the most painful ending nights!
This is a Fashion Emergency Pack realeased by the brand Prettyballerinas with a very good option to the pain provoked by high heels: a flat beautiful silver ballerinas with distress leather.
You can see more here:

Christmas Dynamic

The Christmas spirit is arriving!!! In order to do something different with the decorations I have a suggestion to make that will bring some joy during the process!
This is my Christmas tree and I did it with lots and lots of different ornaments that I bought or someone special surprised me with! But I took some years to put it all together!!
So here is the challeging! Ask all your friends to give your a special ornament that they like or that is simbolic to them...and construct your own love fashion tree!!

Hope you like it!!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Article Parqmag Number 16 November/December

Here is my second article about the importance of the social networks like facebook, twitter and the blogs in the fashion industry. I wrote it when I was almost leaving to NYC

Articles Parqmag Number 15 October

This is my first article for Parqmag!! I was really enthusiastic about it since I had to interview the portuguese designers Storytailors! Sorry I don't have translation...

PortArt Christmas Sale- 6 Dezembro 2009

This weekend I went to the PorArt Sales in the Atelier here in Portugal!
It was amazing!!

PortArt is brand new portuguese ideia that was launched by 3 girls with the main objective to show all the historic heritage of our country in a very modern way!
Here are some photos!
And also the photo of my gift: a silver bracelet hand made by author...and unique!!! =)
Did you like it?

The webpage adress is and shortly it will be possible to buy online!!

Friday, December 4, 2009

American Aigle Opening Store Times Square NY

There were some events we never talked about!
One of them was the launch of american aigle's store at times square.
I was really excited to go and even more when I was in the line peeking through the door and watching all the energy of the completely full store!
As always, here we were the same group: Joana, Gene and I.
Tasting the mini delicious appetizers (like mini burgers!) while having random conversation with really interesting people (publicists, entertainment business people, actors...)
We were almost colliding with lots of celebrities and models!
The gossip girl cast was entirely out there and we even get the chance to hear Leighton Meester (Blair from Gossip Girl) singing alive for us...
WHat a party!
The gifts were really nice: sweaters we could personalise on time ( we didn't get a chance to do so we brought it simple but is quite warm and confortable), also the hats with grafittis! We can get some perfume AERIE and the last gift bag!

In the 2nd floor of the store were some really handsome boys serving drinks. I saw a really fancy hat Chapka hair all blue with dots, I instinctively I asked "This belong to some one?" The aswered were pretty charming "It has my name one it, don't you see?" . In the end I got the chapka and also a unforgettable photo to remember!
Since the gift bag was sold out I asked for a little souvenir so a really nice guy gave a lila beret! beautiful and really warm!
You can see it on the photo!!!

It all started will a previous blog I made with a close friend Joana.
We decided to post like a diary of our trip and we quite accomplished that...until we started to got a new life without time to process or even to write.
Now we return to Portugal, our country, to figure out how to manage our days to life it weel and embrace experiences...

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Inspired for the amazing month living in NY I decided to share with the all world about my lucky star.
I believe each one of us can create it own 4 leaf clover since all the energy that pomps inside of us reflects for the universe.
So here I'm going to post some comments, lucky momments, my articles (in portuguese unfortunatley) and so and so...with the truthfull believe of improve my self as many ways I can...